AX7 Connector Lubricant & Corrosion Inhibitor Applications

AX7 should be used any place that the failure of an electrical contact or metal due to corrosion will result in erratic and reduced performance, damage, difficult maintenance, loss of use, costly operation, etc.

Based on the formula chosen by the military because it works. Does not change the electrical performance of the connector.

The following examples should not be interpreted as the only uses for AX7-C. There are many more uses, like rust prevention, as the examples should suggest.

Some markets that benefit from AX7 anti-corrosion protectant

Computer and network data centers

Telephone switching equipment

Marine electronics, sensors and metal fittings

Aviation electronics and avionics for piloted and UAV systems

Scuba and diving related electronics and systems

Landscape and architectural lighting

Irrigation electronics and metal fittings

Lead Acid battery power systems and vehicles

Some AX7 Contact Lubricant Application Examples

Alternative energy system electronics

  • Plugs, connectors, screw terminals, gear systems, etc.

Aquariums, marine and freshwater

  • Lighting, pumps, power connections, temperature and pH sensors, etc.

Audio & visual Equipment

  • RCA, Coaxial, Cannon, speaker, headphones, HDMI, S-video, screw terminals, etc.

Bikes & motorcycles

  • Lighting, switches, trip computers, alarms, hardware, etc.


  • battery packs, flash lighting, repair

Car, RV, motor home and vehicle audio and electronics

  • GPS, phone, lighting, amplifiers, speakers, batteries, pumps, etc.

Low power electronics

  • Batteries, switches, conformal coating of boards, etc.

Ham radio

  • Microphones, headsets, morse keys, Rf/antenna, transmitters, etc.

Light sockets

  • E.g., fluorescent light bulb pins and starters


  • Connectors on Electronics
  • Light bulb sockets and connections
  • RF connections
  • Turnbuckles and other hardware
  • Fishing reels

Outdoor power connections

  • Landscape lighting, heaters, pumps, etc.

PC computer maintenance

  • Network connections, circuit board connectors, power supply connectors, cpu pins, cable connectors, hard drive pins, etc.

RC hobby electronics

  • Battery, chargers, power, servo, motor, ESC, lighting, etc. connectors, etc.

Remote telemetry and sensor systems

  • sensor probes, batteries, RF, etc.

Scuba diving equipment

  • E.g., watches, dive computers, cameras, flashes, lights, battery systems, etc.

Swimming Pool

  • Pumps, lighting, sensors, etc.


  • Machine, hand, planes, chisels, saws, cutting tool bits, measurement, flashlights, etc.


  • connectors, cellular towers, battery systems, chargers, etc.


  • Guns, rifles, pistols, knives, swords, spears, arrow heads, etc.


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